It’s been a while

We are told from when we’re born

That like tiny tender shoots reaching upward

We will bloom, special and wondrous,

Presented to another in the beauty of mortality.


Sprouting from a hard, unforgiving soil,

My leaves blackened and soiled by the dirt

I was torn from when I had just learned to love

The Sun, I was offered to you.


Will you press my softness to your lips

Leaving a trace of your smile upon me,

Turning me gently between finger and thumb

Leaving me curled around your fingers?


Will the touch of your fingers still gently curl

Around my bent frame, sliding with

Empathy and tenderness

Past my worn, jagged thorns?


We are told from when we’re born

That as precious blooms of wondrous beauty

We will have our time beneath the sun and, wilting,

Usher form and art unto dust and history.


And as my petals fall will you still tell me I’m beautiful?

When time wilts my frame will you still come by

And, with your inward sigh, inhale my scent

Into your memory with a gently held second?


As each petal ages and drifts away

Through the mortal breeze of time

Will you press me in the pages of your book

Framing me as a tender memory you can almost remember?


Will you surrender me

Unto the decomposition of the world?

Drifting away into the obscurity

Where all forgotten things retreat,

Faceless, nameless to become something else?


We are told from when we’re born

That we will live, grow and die the same

As any other flower – but I am yours.

What will you do with me?


~ by nihilano on May 21, 2017.

One Response to “It’s been a while”

  1. Reading this poem was particularly emotion. You tagged me on your post, and with great excitement I began to read. As I read I was reminded of many who I have lost in life. Those whom I have posed into the pages of my book and those who I buried. I say thank you Nate for this.

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