For Vera

My dear friend Vera is always commenting on how I tend to write sad or dark poetry. This is, by rights, quite a contrast from who I seem to be in many respects, and yet is a facet of who I really am when at my most honest and vulnerable self – and it is usually in this state that I write my clearest work. However, as I cannot have it said that I am a dreadfully sad sort, I will attempt to compose something a bit more cheery – but only if Vera promises to smile while reading it! And so, Tanczos Vera, a happy poem for you. 🙂

It chanced to happen, one rosemary dawn,

That a butterfly stopped for tea.

She alighted, soft, on glass bubble wings

Taking her seat on my knee.


I was not expecting so quiet a guest

In the cool of that gentle March morn,

Yet the breeze on my face and her wings full of grace

Were a comfort as the sun was reborn.


I sipped on my brew, a kind caramel brown,

As she whispered a fluttering dance.

And my hope and my heart were warmed at the sight

As she turned ‘gainst the grain of my pants.

I offered my hand – the crudest of mounts –


Yet in kindness she chose to alight.

Riding my hand to an eye level perch

As her soft wings colored the light.


They were hard onyx black and cool river blue,

Spread, speckled, and painted – a deep azure hue.

They rose and they fell like an angel’s soft breath

That was slowly drying the dew.


She offered no name, no opinion or thought,

Only whispered of beauty and hope.

A moment she offered, then flitted away

And with dawn’s fresh breeze she eloped.


~ by nihilano on August 28, 2011.

One Response to “For Vera”

  1. *smiles*

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