A new one

I suppose before I start with the arduous task of transferring all my work over here, I thought I’d write a new one. It’s been over a year…I suppose being without a proper muse inhibits both my desire and inspiration. But here it goes anyway….as with any first round draft, be gentle. I have not had the opportunity to truly refine and work the words just yet. 🙂

A Scribbled Lamentation

You held me once, fondly,  in your mind

As a child holds the image of a dream

Before spilling it freely into life

Onto the limitless expanse of a blank page.


Like artist and implement we created,

Wildly, recklessly, lovingly, joyfully,

Until we had nothing of beauty left

To offer – and so we laid our efforts down.


The absence of you has blurred the form of my life.

Like a child’s softly smeared charcoal relief,

The strength of my definition has become blurred

And the crisp, clean backdrop of black and white

Has torn the lines and borders into a smear of gray.


I left a trace of myself in your hands,

A residue of when you touched me fondly

In the hope of creating something beautiful.

And while you so easily wash your hands of me,

What is left of my form remains stained upon the page.


I cannot be repaired or altered from what I have become,

What the contact of your passing has left upon my soul.

You will find other parchment and media with which to form

Something for yourself – but I remain a spent scar

With only the memory and evidence of your passing.


~ by nihilano on August 22, 2011.

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